Privacy and Security. Last updated: 27.11.2021

Your privacy is significant to us. Our Online Privacy Policy describes what and how we gather, share, utilize and keep your personal information when you use any of the online services from Stankevicius. Other privacy standards or rules could apply depending on how you interrelate with us, the marketing and advertising products or facilities you may eventually get from us, or the authority in which we are doing business with you. You may access the several other policies using the links at the bottom of this page.

We exclusively work hard to keep your information safe

We certainly take our responsibility to protect the privacy and secrecy of your information, particularly personal information, with tremendous conducts. We cultivate physical, electronic and bureaucratic defenses that comply with valid legal values to protect such information from unauthorized access and use, involuntary or illicit modification and obliteration and other illegal or unlawful forms of processing. We make our employees liable for complying with applicable strategies, procedures, rules, and regulations related to the privacy and confidentiality of information.

We want you to understand the sort of data we pile and how we use it

The types of personal data we take from you when you surf or use our online services comprise of your name, email address, mail address, telephone number(s), account numbers, username and password. We may also get payment card information, Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers (or equivalent), gender, race, nationality, and biometric identifiers when you give it trustily to us while using our online amenities and where we reflect it is perceptively mandatory for regular business drives. In some cases, we produce personal information about you, such as the testimony of your interactions with us and particulars of your accounts. We do not pursue to collect or step the sensitive personal information unless it is essential or legalized by law; crucial for the detection or preclusion of crime; compulsory to create, exercise or secure legal privileges; or we have your prior explicit consensus.

Along with the personal information depicted above, we certainly collect the information about your use of our online features. For instance, we store the IP address of the device you use to link to the online service, the details of the operating system and browser you use, and information about the location you came from, the data of our online service you approach and the site you surf next. As described with immense details in our Cookies policy, we accompanied by our third-party cronies use cookies to gather and store this and other information about your visit to, or use of, our online services. We may later ally the usage and other information we gather online with personal information about you, as authorized or enforced by law.

We occasionally accrue information about you from additional online and offline sources like social media (to the extent you select to make your personal information public) and commercially accessible third-party sources, such as credit reporting companies. We may associate this information with the personal and other details we have composed about you under this Online Privacy Policy.

Where it is essential to form a lawful basis to process your personal information as described in this Online Privacy Policy, we will do so on the basis that we have gained your prior express accord to the processing; we have an authentic business concern in the processing that is not prevailed by your comforts, ultimate privileges, or liberties; or the processing is required to comply with appropriate law, to perform under your contract(s) with us, or to defend the vibrant interests of any individual.

We utilize and then process the information we get from you to help us run our online services; to achieve, assess and progress our business (comprise of evolving new products and services, revamping existing products and services, executing data analytics and other research measures, interacting with you by any means, and performing accounting, auditing and other core operations); manage our perils; to promote our services and products; and to conform with and impose valid rules and regulations, relevant industry ethics, predetermined duties and our policies. We also use data that we collect in a cumulative or anonymous way (such that it does not identify any client) for several business tenacities, where permitted under applicable rules and regulations.

We only collect what we need, keep it updated and remove it when no longer needed

We implement remarkable strategies to certify that the personal information we process is limited to what we need regarding the insistences defined in this Policy; it is precise and, where required, kept updated; and it is deleted or corrected immediately if it is erroneous.

For some of our online services, you can review or update your account information by logging in and approaching user profile section. In case, if you cannot modify the inappropriate information online, or you prefer to change it offline, please contact your Stankevicius representative using the contact information provided on your account statements, records, or other account statement information.

We will keep copies in a form that allows credentials for as long as we consider compulsory in connection with the outlines set out in this Policy unless pertinent law entails an extensive retention period. Precisely, we will keep personal information for as long as it is required to make, exercise or protect any lawful privileges.

We care and shield your privacy even when you’re on the go

To flourish your experience, Stankevicius provides you the facility to get in touch with some of our products and services through mobile apps and other mobile-optimized websites. When you join us through your mobile device, we take information such as unique device identifiers, screen resolution and other device settings, information about your location, and analytical information about how you use your mobile device. We always acquire your consent before collecting certain information such as precise geolocation information.

We share personal information with our partners and with others when we certainly think it will improve the services and products we can deliver to you or for legitimate and conventional business reasons

We only share your personal information with our partners and business units when we think it will improve the services we can offer, but only in situations where such sharing follows the law, any valid secrecy contracts, and our strategies and practices. Besides, we reserve the right to share the collected personal information associated with the firm modification comprising of a merger, purchase or sale of all or any significant portion of our corporate or assets.

We unveil your personal information if needed or authorized by law. For instance, we share the information with regulatory authorities and other law enforcement firms when we consider that such exposure is essential to fulfill the legal terms.

We share the certain information with our partners where required to be secure against scam or validate or impose our terms of use, other privileges, or other pertinent policies.

Periodically, we make revisions in the contracts with our partner firms to deliver better facilities to you. If your personal information is kept by these firms, they are bound to protect it and only use it for those purposes we need.

We can also provide your personal information to any person or entity if we have your prior consensus to do so.

We communicate, transfer or process information to, or through, other countries in the world, as we consider essential, convenient or reliable with legal or regulatory compulsions

As an international company, we try our best to provide you with the best services whereever you are. To make it smooth, we sometimes share your personal information with the affiliates of the Stankevicius or service providers and other third parties that are placed outside your home country. These countries may have different laws and data safety compliance checks, with some offering more safety than others. Stankevicius will take the suitable steps to warrant your personal information is allocated as defined in this Online Privacy Policy.

If necessary, we adopt the applicable legal contexts connected to the transfer of your personal information. For instance, according to the European rules intended to effectively secure personal information transmitted outside the European Economic Area we transfer personal information with fortitude by the European Commission that certain countries efficiently shield personal information.

We consider your privileges regarding the processing of personal information and serve you with applicable and convenient choices

When it comes to the processing and control of your personal information, you may have the following rights, depending on how and where you communicate with us:

You may request to access your personal information along with the details about how we process it.

You may request the modification of any imprecision.

You may request deletion or restriction of processing.

You may object to processing methods.

You may have personal information transferred to third-party.

You may remove permission to processing and may initiate complaints with a data security authority against any processing.

With the rights you have under the legal data security rules, we may give you the options about sharing of your personal information with our partners and third-party firms based on your association with us as an marketing organization. Options you have about the sharing of your personal information will be explained in the privacy policies or notices you get from us, like those given about the certain marketing products or services you attain from us.

We consider your verdicts about the collection of personal information associated with your online activities over time and across different websites for advertising drives

When you visit our online services, Stankevicius does not permit isolated third parties to get personal information about your online activities. Also, we do not use your personal information collected across non-affiliated websites with the intentions to serve you ads related to your browsing behavior. In future, if our company makes this practice, we will offer relevant notice and choice about it.

We inform you when our privacy policies and procedures change

We have authority to modify this Online Privacy Policy from time to time. When we do this, we will notify you by relevant means such as by placing the revised text on this page with a new “Last Updated” date. All modifications will become active when published unless specified otherwise. You may check this page regularly to analyze any modification we might make.

We are here to assist you if you have questions

We always respect your feedback and encourage you to contact Stankevicius customer support service if you have any question about our online Privacy Policy. Email: