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Diversify your portfolio and hedge both, crypto and traditional stocks

Dive into financial markets with our comprehensive financial strategy designed to help grow and preserve your passive wealth on continuous basis with active trading and market hedging solutions.

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AI powered hedging S&P500 stocks v options

Introducing automatic AI e-trading solution developed and ran by professionals from Deutsche Bank, Barcleys Capital and Goldman Sachs1. It's on 24/7.

Using historic data of nearly 100 years, the system has outperformed S&P500 for the last 6 years in a row delivering higher returns to clients, and has shown extreme competence in the bear market.

Professional digital asset trading

Having more than a decade experience in digital asset market, we trade digital asset positions in spot and futures on various risk levels from low to high depending on personalized client setup.

To succeed, we use advanced historic charting and professional analytics provided by our analysts with extensive market knowledge and expertise.

We trade short term as in daily and long term as in quarterly or annually, and provide returns to clients based on the selected trading timeframe on customizable trading platforms2.

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Stankevicius Quant Financial

Diversify your portfolio into traditional stocks and digital assets

Stankevicius Quant Financial3 provides clients advanced financial strategy planning for maximum returns and maximum security in mixed environment between traditional stocks and crypto investments.

Various subscription models for passive fixed income

You can start hedging with as low as $50,000. We have different subscription models with different returns for passive fixed income options4. Personalized subscriptions are also available5.

Various Subscriptions

Stankevicius in Global Markets

Diverse Participation in Global Trends
At Stankevicius, we are following the latest trends in both the traditional markets as well as disrupting digital asset markets. We try to participate in work that is influencial with potential to grow. We want to be involved in the front of the action and grasp as many potential opportunities as we can manage that market has to offer at any day.

Company News to trade crypto derivatives officially for investors from January 2023

Throughout the year 2022, Stankevicius Alternative Investment Banking has been successful in crypto spot and futures trading especially during Q1 and Q2. It is now confirmed that from 2023 January Stankevicius Alternative Investment Banking will be accepting client requests to trade their assets for crypto derivatives.

Company News puts another short on Bitcoin expecting the price to hit $10,000 by November

Stankevicius Alternative Investment Banking is seeing a large potential drop by November again which could possibly be extended towards December and drop even under $10,000 implementing an actual Bitcoin bottom. expects the Dow Jones Industrial Index to drop by at least 10,000 points from its current price.

Company News

Stankevicius Alternative Investment Banking is commercializing crypto trading activities

Today, Stankevicius Group is pushing forward the SAIB initiative which specializes in financial services and acts as an alternative service provider to investment banking. One of the key focuses of SAIB is electronic trading including spot and futures of digital assets.

Press Release is bearish on Bitcoin shorting to low levels of $20,000, expecting the price target to hit in June

SAIB has taken a measured and counted risk to short Bitcoin and maintain open positions to 20K’s low price expectancy by June 2022.

Company News

Stankevicius Alternative Investment Banking: SAIB Pays Out Investors Legendary Returns Q1 2022

SAIB: Stankevicius Alternative Investment Banking returns to investors legendary ROI (over 100%) in just the first quarter of 2022. SAIB was launched in late 2021 by Stankevicius Group.

Press Release

Stankevicius Will Release Social Media Metaverse for Crypto Natives in Summer 2022 Backed by SAIB

Stankevicius' focus is to build the next generation social media world designed and developed for crypto and digital natives enabling 3D interactions between users and creating new ways of content sharing and exchanging.

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